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For beauty―

​For  helth


Corporate philosophy

To be healthy,to be beauty is

・Good Nourishing meal

・Moderate exercise


In order to remain healthy and healthy forever, we will develop and sell products that are good for the body, as well as import sales.


Based on the philosophy that beauty, health, and sports are closely related to each other, we are dealing with many products that are good for the body regardless of one field.

Not only products in Japan but also a wide selection of products from around the world are being disseminated to many people in Japan.

It has many sales channels such as store sales, Internet sales, beauty salon wholesale sales, gym / fitness club wholesale sales, and its sales power is its strength.

Recently, we are also focusing on developing our own products, and we are striving to deliver our theme of beauty and health to more customers.

Our services

What We Do


Store sales


Internet sales


Beauty salon wholesale sales


Gym Fitness Club
Wholesale sales

Beauty and healthy


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